Art Thread: Mending Silk (approx 10yds)

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Just like “art yarn”, hand spun “art thread”, a.k.a. mending silk, is something rare and unique; it cannot be created in mass quantities, so it is best reserved for those special mends that you want to really last or as accents that add to the story of a garment.  When silk is hand spun, it is not only incredibly strong, but it is soft and super compressible (i.e. not bulky) which makes it ideal for mending. Silk is such a wondrous material and it is perfect for visible mending of knit or woven fabrics.  

Mending silk is especially good for sock mending because of its strength and compressibility; you will not feel lumps or knots when mended areas are pressed against your feet and your mends may outlast the rest of the sock! I'm not joking, I struggle to break these threads with bare hands.

These mini hanks are spun in my livingroom, from mulberry silk, silk mill waste, or eri silk cocoons (depending on the hank). You’ll find about 10 yds in each hank. Thread is 2 ply and roughly 18 wpi.

Once applied, silk mends should be cared for similarly to wool; silk shouldn't shrink, but we recommend cold washing silk mended clothes to preserve color and texture. 

All silks are washed thoroughly before shipping.

Note: Some are nubbier than others; those with “slub” in the title are best used for Swiss darning or for looser fabrics, as the nubs are less convenient for straight stitching, while the others are sleek enough to stitch even through fine textiles (no waxing required!).

Silks are shipped directly from our Seattle workshop in packaging that is minimal and giftable quality.

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