The Lemon Loom: Mechanical Speedweve Inspired Darning Loom

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Let us help you see that silver lining in any mend; when life gives you lemons, grab your Lemon Loom! Each cheerful Lemon Loom is snipped, pressed, bent, sliced, heated, stitched and wrapped, entirely by hand (with great joy and satisfaction!) in our workshop in Seattle.

These looms are inspired by Speedweve looms which were tiny darning looms produced in Manchester, England in the 40s and 50s. Original Speedweve looms aren’t made anymore so they are incredibly hard and expensive to get ahold of. Though they were designed out of practical necessity,  anyone who has tried one will know that they are an absolute delight to use; the Lemon Loom was developed so that more folks could enjoy the uniquely pleasurable mending experience that the Speedweve originated. 

We spent almost a year developing our version of a darning loom and have made a major design tweak that sets the Lemon Loom apart from its predecessors; our loom is made mostly of durable yet pliable leather with wood for stability and brass for style :).  It looks great, but what's more, the leather construction means that it can be used with any small embroidery hoop, darning mushroom or egg, and can also be pinned directly to the textile being mended.  This is not only convenient, as there are no irreplaceable extra parts, but it means that you can make mends of any length!   

Please note, the Lemon Loom does not ship with any darning hoops, mushrooms, or eggs.  While you can use any of the above, our favorite way to use the Lemon Loom is with a very small ovular embroidery hoop; we offer a 4"x5" bent beech wood embroidery hoop in our tool collection that is ideal! 

Crafty people, antiquarians, and tool lovers everywhere, treat yourself and your wardrobe to a lovely Lemon Loom! 

Buy less. Mend more. Darn it, darn it!

Please note: Looms are built and released in small batches, so please join our mailing list if you want to be notified when looms are available!

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