Sew-on Embroidered Insect Patches (3pc)

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We love when decorative embroidery is used for visible mending.  Unfortunately, we don't always have the time, patience or skill to apply an embroidered mend the way we would like to; these patches can help!  They are bright and beautiful and tough.  You can just whip stitch them over a hole or rip.  These These patches are nice because they are not adhesive backed which means they are soft and flexible they will not fall off in a hot wash.  As you'll notice in the photos, these bugs are big and beautiful; this makes them especially handy for outerwear or furniture repair!

You can choose from five different trios of patches :

  1. locust + orange moth + junebug
  2. bee + ladybird + yellow beetle
  3. giant beetle + black moth + green beetle
  4. giant moth + ladybird + yellow beetle
  5. bee + giant moth + stag beetle 

(Note: you can select an option to view a photo of the bugs included, and see photos of individual patches for size info)

Patches are shipped directly from our workshop in Seattle, in packaging that is minimal and giftable quality!

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