Water Soluble Thread

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This thread dissolves in water! Strange feature to look for in thread, right? It’s handier than you might think! It can be used for basting a patch before final stitching or providing a temporary frame for Swiss darning over a void. It’s a great help because:

  • We love basting patches, as it prevents warping in fabric that often comes with pinning, but we hate having to remove the basted stitches at the end.
  • Without pins you won’t poke yourself!
  • Knot and backtrack as much as your heart desires while basting or framing, because you won’t need to undo! 
  • You can frame for your Swiss darning as generously as you like, without worry; this thread washes away so framing threads will not be bulky or visible!

This listing is for one bobbin full of water soluble thread (approx 20 meters). 

Thread is shipped directly from our workshop in Seattle, in packaging that is minimal and giftable quality!

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