About Us

Lemon Loom is a small handcraft business that specialises in unique and handmade mending tools; it is owned and operated by me, Miranda.  I am a maker, mother, and avid mender. As a devoted member of my local "buying nothing" group, I enjoy mending for friends and neighbors whenever the opportunity arises.  I also happily take commissions from new friends further afield. I've learned that mending is an empowering and valuable skill that is easy to learn, though rarely practiced these days.  

The goal of the Lemon Loom shop is to encourage and normalise mending by offering tools that make mending easier or more fun! I want to help fellow menders, or aspiring menders, to see the silver lining is every mend and use it as an opportunity to make something beautiful, and hopefully long lasting, out of something broken (a.k.a. lemonade out of lemons :) ).  

The shop started with just the "Lemon Loom" tool, which is now available in pdf instruction and kit format.  It is still the focus of our business and it is a nod to the legendary Speedweve loom, which is a shining example of the ingenuity of our grandparents. In the process of researching this tool I discovered/developed a few other handy tools that have also found themselves a home in the Lemon Loom shop (and in several other shops now around the world!).    

The Lemon Loom workshop is based in suburban Seattle, Washington.  As guests on the ancestral lands of the Duwamish people, our family is committed to contributing Real Rent and we support the Duwamish in their ongoing efforts to regain federal recognition.

When not in the workshop, you’ll find us on Instagram under the handle @littlelemonloom where we share, unsurprisingly, mostly mending content.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions at all or if you’re interested in ordering wholesale or if you don't see shipping available to your location.  We expand our shipping zones and wholesale offerings based on demand, so inquiries are welcome :) We are never far from a computer these days!

Buy less. Mend more. Darn it, darn it!