Why "Offer Your Own Price"?

Visible mending is a fun trend that many practice for leisure at the moment, but we know that for many, mending is a financial necessity; it is not lost on us that the folks who would most benefit from mending tools may be the folks least able to afford them.  

The goal with Lemon Loom has always been to inspire folks to mend more and to make mending easier, more fun, and MORE accessible, so we offer as many products as we can with an "Offer Your Own Price" option.   

We have set a low minimum value for each item to account for the cost of materials, so you won't have to worry about putting us in the hole.   With that in mind, we trust that you will offer what you feel is right for your budget and we hope you will (we won't take it personally)!  If your budget happens to be in line with the suggested price, then that's a win-win!  If you need to knock off a few bucks to feel good about your order, then that's still a win-win, if it will help you get mending! If you're feeling generous and you feel a product is being undervalued, you're welcome, of course, to offer above the suggested value :)

Thank you for reading and happy mending!