Make Your Own Darning Loom End-2-End - Hook and Assembly Instructions w/ Video

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These pdf instructions describe (in English) how to make a simple Lemon Loom style darning loom, using minimal tools and materials, all of which are easy to source and to use.

The provided instructions include two parts: 1) instructions for manufacturing the hooks and 2) loom assembly instructions. The hook instructions detail how to make a bending jig and how to use it to manufacture brass hooks (photographs included) and the assembly instructions include a written tutorial with video demonstrations of each step; the assembly instructions are intended to be printer friendly, so they include QR codes to video demonstrations rather than photographs.

Since you are making this loom yourself, you can customise it to your needs! Follow the instructions to make exactly as many hooks as you would like on your loom; the assembly instruction feature a 10 hook loom, but the same steps will apply whatever number of hooks you choose to include in your loom.

Not for resale or distribution without permission, please :)

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