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Lemon Looms are small, handmade, handheld, weaving machines used for darning textiles.  They are compact, versatile and very fun to use!  

Like all Speedweve inspired looms, the Lemon Loom uses a series of handled hooks to alternate warp threads, creating a shed for weaving a surface patch onto a textile.  Unlike other Speedweve inspired looms,  you can secure the Lemon Loom directly to your damaged textiles which means you are not limited by the size of your darning surface or the thickness of your textile.  You can even use it on furniture! It works just as well with darning mushrooms, discs, eggs or with embroidery hoops of any size.  

The other thing that sets Lemon Looms apart from other Speedweve style looms is that you can make them yourself!  We have instructions for making the hooks as well as the loom assembly, all with minimal tools and materials, so that you skip the shipping and the cost of labor and just DIY.  

This listing, however, is for a pre-made loom set.  The set includes the following:

  • One handmade Lemon Loom, made from brass, cotton and walnut wood
  • One screw top darning tin, to be used as loom storage as well as a darning surface
  • One needle that is long+strong+narrow+sharp, ideal  for weaving
  • One printed “How To” guide that details how to use the loom and

The tin is large enough to hold all of this with room to spare (enough for, say, a pair of folding scissors and a palm thimble ;) )

Lemon Looms and thimbles are handmade in our Seattle workshop in small batches.  

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