Wooden Handled Ladder Darner Hook (1pc)

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Ladder darners are latched hooks that are used for repairing runs, also known as ladders, in knit fabrics.  These mending hooks have a handle that is made of wood, carved by hand using the same Swedish (sloyd) techniques traditionally used to carve wooden spoons!  The wood we use is always sourced locally; the alder we are currently using is from Vashon Island, which is one of the islands in the beautiful Puget Sound here in Washington state. Our walnut is from a friend's childhood home in Skagit valley, just north of us, and the birch (spalted) is from a generous neighbor here in north Seattle.

Hooks are now available in two sizes which are named for the material weight they are best suited to mend: thread and yarn. Please see photos for scale.

Please note: Hook handles are individually hand carved in small batches, so please expect some variation in appearance (see examples in photos) and please join our mailing list if you want to be notified when hooks are available!  

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